Inventor 2017 – iLogic – Identify Parts in Layout Drawings

Hello again

Inventor is fantastic at many things, but flexibility when tagging components in layout drawings is not a strong point in my view.

If you’re using Factory Design Utilities there are some handy tools for including identification tags for components, but if you’re using standard Inventor, you’ll probably be relying on the balloon tools.  These allow any property to be included in the balloon (good), but don’t allow much flexibility for auto-positioning the balloons when placing them (for instance central to the component on the drawing view).

In comparison to a product like Revit, which is more focused on large layouts and tagging, there can be quite a lot of manual effort.

What to do?
Well a training delegate recently made the excellent suggestion of using a model sketch in the part templates for the layout, and then including the sketches in the drawing view. This allows great flexibility with positioning, as the position can be parametrically controlled in the part sketch, and also allows any parameter or iProperty value to be used in the sketch text (for instance).

The only missing link in the chain is how to quickly ‘include’ these sketches in a layout drawing to make them visible. iLogic to the rescue!

Check out the video link below, and you can download the iLogic code used in the video here

Youtube video 


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