Inventor 2017 Example – Quickly Modelling a Curved Roof

Hello again. I had a recent challenge to model a compound curved roof complete with curved windows, support frame and trimmed cross-beams.

  1. Inventor surface freeform tools to create the curved surface controlling the roof shape.
  2. Creation of workplane grid to define window positions.
  3. Creation of intersection curves in 3D sketch to define support frame paths.
  4. Use of the Split tool to split the roof surface into individual window sections.
  5. Use of the ‘Split All’ option when splitting surfaces to save time.
  6. Use of some iLogic/API code to automate the shrinking and thickening of each window.
  7. ‘Make Components’ tool to create an individual part file for each window.
  8. Frame Generator for main support beams.
  9. Frame Generator – Trimming of cross-beams.

Job done. But there’s always room for improvement. Any of you Inventor gurus got any suggestions?

View YouTube Video



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