Autodesk Inventor 2017 – Cladding a Revit Model with Random Dimples

Another great use for the sketch-based pattern command in Inventor 2017 is as a quick-and-easy replacement for a punch-tool or iFeature. If you’re in a proof of concept situation, you need a non-uniform patterned feature in a part, and time is limited, you could avoid the process of publishing an iFeature or sheet metal punch tool and save yourself a few valuable minutes. Simply model one of the features you require, throw a load of sketch points down for the locations of the features, and create a sketch pattern. I’ve created a video showing a possible scenario using this – we need to clad a building, but the cladding panels need random dimples on them for aesthetic effect. I’ve used a simple iCopy panel to allow me to clad the Revit model in Inventor with these dimpled panels. Check out this video I recorded:




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