Autodesk Inventor – iLogic – Export to 3D PDF and Attach/Embed

Question: Can you automatically embed a 3D PDF you have exported using iLogic?

Answer: Yes you can. Just use the iLogic code below. It is an extension to the code I previously posted in this blog as requested by Paul Thurgood of VLT Systems.

A couple of things to note about the code:

  1. Important: You may get an error from the code, saying that the embedding has failed. If you do then it may be due to a Microsoft issue with 32 bit OLE embeddings in a 64 bit file. The Microsoft fix for this is here. Obviously use this link at your own risk, but it did correct the issue for me.
  2. A 3D PDF (or any file you like) can be either embedded into, or linked to, from the Inventor file. This is controlled with the ‘Embed’ variable in the code below. Set it to ‘True’ to embed, or ‘False’ to link. I’d recommend embedding to prevent the dreaded broken link, but it depends what you need.
    Dim Embed As Boolean = True
  3. If an embedded or linked PDF with the same name already exists then it will be overwritten, so that the attached file is always the latest.
  4. Obviously this code will only work in Inventor 2017 – as previous releases don’t do 3D PDF.

iLogic code below.


    ' Start of iLogic rule =======================================================

Sub Main

    ' Get the 3D PDF Add-In.
    Dim oPDFAddIn As ApplicationAddIn
    Dim oAddin As ApplicationAddIn
    For Each oAddin In ThisApplication.ApplicationAddIns
        If oAddin.ClassIdString = "{3EE52B28-D6E0-4EA4-8AA6-C2A266DEBB88}" Then
            oPDFAddIn = oAddin
            Exit For
        End If
    If oPDFAddIn Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox("Inventor 3D PDF Addin not loaded.")
        Exit Sub
    End If
    Dim oPDFConvertor3D = oPDFAddIn.Automation
    'Set a reference to the active document (the document to be published).
    Dim oDocument As Document = ThisApplication.ActiveEditDocument
    If oDocument.FileSaveCounter = 0 Then
        MsgBox("You must save the document to continue...", 64, "Excitech iLogic")
    End If
    ' Create a NameValueMap objectfor all options...
    Dim oOptions As NameValueMap = ThisApplication.TransientObjects.CreateNameValueMap
    Dim STEPFileOptions As NameValueMap = ThisApplication.TransientObjects.CreateNameValueMap
    ' All Possible Options
    ' Export file name and location...
    oOptions.Value("FileOutputLocation") = Left(oDocument.FullFileName,Len(oDocument.FullFileName) -4) & ".pdf"
    ' Export annotations?
    oOptions.Value("ExportAnnotations") = 1
    ' Export work features?
    oOptions.Value("ExportWokFeatures") = 1
    ' Attach STEP file to 3D PDF?
    oOptions.Value("GenerateAndAttachSTEPFile") = True
    ' What quality (high quality takes longer to export)
    'oOptions.Value("VisualizationQuality") = AccuracyEnumVeryHigh
    'oOptions.Value("VisualizationQuality") = AccuracyEnum.kHigh
    'oOptions.Value("VisualizationQuality") = AccuracyEnum.kMedium
    oOptions.Value("VisualizationQuality") = AccuracyEnum.kLow
    ' Limit export to entities in selected view representation(s)
    oOptions.Value("LimitToEntitiesInDVRs") = True
    ' Open the 3D PDF when export is complete?
    oOptions.Value("ViewPDFWhenFinished") = False

    ' Export all properties?
    oOptions.Value("ExportAllProperties") = True
    ' OR - Set the specific properties to export
'    Dim sProps(5) As String
'    sProps(0) = "{F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}:Title"  
'    sProps(1) = "{F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}:Keywords"  
'    sProps(2) = "{F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}:Comments" 
'    sProps(3) =    "{32853F0F-3444-11D1-9E93-0060B03C1CA6}:Description"
'    sProps(4) =    "{32853F0F-3444-11D1-9E93-0060B03C1CA6}:Stock Number"
'    sProps(5) =    "{32853F0F-3444-11D1-9E93-0060B03C1CA6}:Revision Number"

    'oOptions.Value("ExportProperties") = sProps
    ' Choose the export template based off the current document type
    If oDocument.DocumentType = DocumentTypeEnum.kPartDocumentObject Then
        oOptions.Value("ExportTemplate") = "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2017\Templates\Sample Part Template.pdf"
        oOptions.Value("ExportTemplate") = "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2017\Templates\Sample Assembly Template.pdf"
    End If
    ' Define a file to attach to the exported 3D PDF - note here I have picked an Excel spreadsheet
    ' You need to use the full path and filename - if it does not exist the file will not be attached.
    Dim oAttachedFiles As String() = {"C:\FileToAttach.xlsx"}
    oOptions.Value("AttachedFiles") = oAttachedFiles
    ' Set the design view(s) to export - note here I am exporting only the active design view (view representation)
    Dim sDesignViews(0) As String
    sDesignViews(0) = oDocument.ComponentDefinition.RepresentationsManager.ActiveDesignViewRepresentation.Name
    oOptions.Value("ExportDesignViewRepresentations") = sDesignViews
    ' Step file options (if applicable) ==============================
    If oOptions.Value("GenerateAndAttachSTEPFile") = True Then
        STEPFileOptions.Value("ApplicationProtocolType") = 2 '(AP203)
        'STEPFileOptions.Value("ApplicationProtocolType") = 3 '(AP214IS)
        'STEPFileOptions.Value("ApplicationProtocolType") = 4 '(AP242)
        STEPFileOptions.Value("Author") = ThisApplication.UserName
        STEPFileOptions.Value("Authorization") = "Excitech"
        STEPFileOptions.Value("Description") = iProperties.Value("Project", "Description")
        STEPFileOptions.Value("ExportFitTolerance") = 0.001
        STEPFileOptions.Value("IncludeSketches") = False
        STEPFileOptions.Value("Organization") = "Excitech"
        oOptions.Value("STEPFileOptions") = STEPFileOptions
    End If
    ' End of Step file options =======================================
    'Publish document.
    Call oPDFConvertor3D.Publish(oDocument, oOptions)
    ' Specify whether you want the PDF file embedded or linked (embedding is safer of course as links can become redundant)
    Dim Embed As Boolean = True
    If AttachFileAsOLE(oDocument, oOptions.Value("FileOutputLocation"), Embed) = True Then ' Operation succeeded...
        Select Case Embed
            Case True
                MsgBox("3D PDF successfully embedded", 64, "Excitech iLogic")    
            Case False
                MsgBox("3D PDF successfully attached as a link", 64, "Excitech iLogic")
        End Select
    Else ' Operation failed...user has already been notified...
    End If
End Sub
  Public Function AttachFileAsOLE(ByVal oDocument As Inventor.Document, ByVal FileToAttach As String, ByVal Embed As Boolean) As Boolean

        ' Define stuff...
        Dim OLERef As ReferencedOLEFileDescriptor = Nothing
        Dim OLERefs As ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors = oDocument.ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors
        Dim DisplayName As String = FileToAttach

        If Embed Then
            ' The file will be embedded, not linked
            ' Change the filename to omit the path - not required for an embedded object
            DisplayName = Mid$(FileToAttach, InStrRev(FileToAttach, "\") + 1)
        End If

        ' Check whether reference with the same name already exists
            OLERef = OLERefs.ItemByName(DisplayName)
            ' File is already attached - delete the attachment so it can be recreated...
            ' The file is not already attached - continue...
        End Try

        ' Perform attachment based on the value of the 'Embed' boolean...
        Select Case Embed
            Case False ' The file will be linked, not embedded
                ' Link...
                    OLERef = oDocument.ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors.Add(FileToAttach, OLEDocumentTypeEnum.kOLEDocumentLinkObject)
                    MsgBox("Failed to link to the file", 64, "Excitech iLogic")
                    Return False
                End Try

            Case True ' The file will be embedded, not linked
                ' Embed...
                    OLERef = oDocument.ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors.Add(FileToAttach, OLEDocumentTypeEnum.kOLEDocumentEmbeddingObject)
                    MsgBox("Failed to embed the file", 64, "Excitech iLogic")
                    Return False
                End Try

                ' Now attempt to delete the file on the system - as we have embedded it is no longer required...
                If System.IO.File.Exists(FileToAttach) Then
                        MsgBox("File has been attached, but failed to delete original file on system.", 64, "Excitech iLogic")
                    End Try
                End If
        End Select

        ' Set the display name of the attachment
        OLERef.DisplayName = DisplayName
        ' Make it visible in the browser
        OLERef.BrowserVisible = True
        ' Make the actual PDF invisible (this option not relevant)
        OLERef.Visible = False
        Return True

    End Function




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